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Advertising Code of Conduct of Search A Holiday

Search A Holiday is a tour and travels comparing website and conduct the business affairs to maintain the standards of ethical conduct and Company's reputation on the basis of laws requirements. We are not a travel company or agents to sell the holiday deals directly to the customers. We provide a platform for our advertisers to provide you great holidays at reasonable prices as per your requirement wherein you can compare the holidays for best of your advantage. We strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the key to prosperity and growth of any business and especially in an industry as competitive as ours. Customer satisfaction is imperative to allow them to come back to us.

The advertiser must take the personal responsibility for all policies and procedures and uphold the code of conduct ethics standard in their business activities. The related code of conduct ethics, memoranda and manuals are expected at the Holiday Discount Centre of Search a Holiday in order to provide a market leading price comparison to maintain the laws and regulations of Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The Code of Conduct must understand by all of our advertisers who advertise their offers on our site.

It is the advertiser responsibility to ensure the standards are upheld and the offers are on reasonable prices. Must check all aspects correction of their advertisement before posting as Search A Holiday team do just random price check for all advertisers. Holiday offers if not available then customers can contact us through e-mail and we will alert our advertiser to remove or update the latest prices.

Monetary Protection

Search A Holiday advises you to check with the advertiser for clarification on terms and conditions prior to booking the holiday.

All the advertising companies who advertise the offers including holidays and flights on Search a holiday must be financially protected through the Global Travel Group and should be members of any Civil Aviation Authority, ATOL, Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), Travel Trust Association (TTA) to ensure protected holidays.

Search A Holiday recommends the visitors to clarify the bonding arrangements with Advertisers prior to booking as accommodation only or non-flight/cruise options can`t be grateful offer in perspective of customer protection.

Pricing Information

Low deposit scheme might be provided by the advertisers based upon the availability at an extra cost. Advertisers are not obliged to provide low deposit schemes to the customers.

The advertised prices on Search A Holiday centre are included with all compulsory charges whereas the optional charges will be applicable only when you tick with resort transfers, flight meals and airline baggage fees or any special requirement during your vacation. Make sure to check with the holiday advertiser for what exactly is included in the given holidays offer you have chosen. The offer details like exact date and time regarding the holidays and price will be only shown after selecting the offers.

Do verify with related deals advertiser regarding exactly included offers before you proceed for holidays booking as the compulsory payment variations are not advertise on our site.

Unless it`s stated, the advertise prices for holiday offers on Search A Holiday for various nights deals but the cost mentioned is per person only. For any other combination like addition of one adult or one child or for solo - travelers the supplements may apply.

Only 'Prices From' option will be shown for the available offers along with the month when there is no option for choosing specific date. The particular offers will be valid for a minimum of 30 days from the available date mentioned.

Changes to Availability & Prices

Depends on the market demand the price may vary minute to minute, mainly for flights whereas in other areas like deals and offers it may constant for time. The advertised deals prices varies occasionally as Search A Holiday is not a live website, hence it will update only after the advertisers changes the information. During the process of holiday`s offers advertisement on our website, the advertising offers can sell out without any intimation to the advertiser or Search A Holiday centre. Quite often, the situation is aware to the advertiser only when the enquiry is done by public, but it`s mandatory for holiday advertiser to update the offers as soon as possible.


Contact the advertiser prior to your booking to get the full details for group booking and children holidays offers and the related prices as all the offers don`t have reduced prices for children. The children holiday prices vary depend on the ages.

Accommodation Ratings

The rating of the accommodation again may vary among tour operators and official ratings. Basically the rating were shown from tour operator only henceforth it is recommended to holidaymaker to check the details with holiday advertiser prior booking.